How to Eat Caviar

How to Eat Caviar

Tips on how to serve and eat caviar, the world’s most exquisite delicacy

Introducing caviar into your lifestyle for the first time can be intimidating, but with a few tips on how to eat and serve this delectable delicacy, you’ll be dining like an experienced caviar connoisseur in no time! Caviar is one of the most highly desirable gourmet food offerings, prized by epicureans for its delightful taste and texture. While this superb taste treat was once reserved for the exclusive enjoyment of the top segments of society, the House of Caviar and Fine Foods makes it possible for individuals everywhere to incorporate caviar into their dining selections. Even if you never thought of yourself as living a caviar lifestyle, once you learn the proper way to eat caviar you will find yourself incorporating this divinely delicious food into every gathering and occasion you celebrate.

The best way to store caviar

As soon as your caviar arrives, store it in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Caviar is best when stored at a frigid 26 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It should never be frozen, because the expanding ice crystals can burst the fragile egg membranes, rending the succulent caviar capsules into an unappealing, mushy mass.

The proper way to serve caviar

The first step to incorporating caviar into your lifestyle is learning how to serve caviar correctly. Caviar should never be allowed to come in contact with silver or stainless steel utensils or serving dishes, as this can impart an unpleasant metallic taste. Caviar should be served chilled, in a crystal, porcelain, or glass serving bowl nestled on a cooling bed of crushed ice. A mother-of pearl spoon is the traditional choice to scoop the luscious pearls, but ones of gold or horn may also be used. As a last resort, a plastic spoon can be used, although that is considered a déclassé choice.

How to eat caviar
Caviar has always been served as the sophisticated high note at the chicest gatherings, but foodies now embrace it as the perfect food to add a touch of luxury to every occasion.True connoisseurs prefer to enjoy caviar straight from a spoon, without any other flavors to distract them from savoring caviar’s exquisite taste and texture. Many choose to serve caviar on toast points, with hard-boiled eggs, minced chives, or butter whipped with a few drops of lemon juice. Another favorite way to eat caviar is with blinis and Crème fraîche to bring out the rich notes of the pearl’s flavor.

How to get the most enjoyment from eating caviar

The recommended serving size of caviar is approximately one ounce. That translates to one or two teaspoons at the most. Caviar eggs should be gently scooped into your mouth and rolled on the tongue. Once the caviar globes are in your mouth, gently crush the pearls with your tongue to experience the delightful “pop” and burst of satisfyingly rich flavor on your palate. Savor caviar’s tantalizingly delicate taste with just a hint of salt.

Traditionalists advise that in order to glean the most enjoyment of caviar’s dynamic flavor, you should prepare your palate between tastes by imbibing a sip of crisp, ice-cold Russian vodka. Many caviar enthusiasts now choose a different route, pairing their caviar with chilled white wine or crisp champagne.

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Caviar Sale Online

Caviar Sale Online

Get the new year started right with a special caviar sale going on now through the end of February at House of Caviar and Fine Foods. This caviar sale offers the best caviar deals on the entire gourmet food line. It is also a great opportunity to experience imported and domestic delicacies and a host of other foods from a range of product categories of high quality gourmet food online.

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Imported Caviar

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American Caviar

When great savings are part of the equation, no special occasion is required to enjoy caviar. American Caviar has achieved the distinction of being a top-rated product without the exorbitant price point typically associated with this delicacy. For caviar enthusiasts who want to indulge their taste buds as well as reap the health benefits from eating caviar on a more regular basis this year, House of Caviar and Fine Foods suggest exploring some of the best caviar deals on American Caviar brands such as California Royal White Sturgeon, American Hackleback caviar, Wild Paddlefish and Wild Paddlefish caviar to name a few.

Fish Roe

Like caviar, top-quality processed fish roe is whole, firm and juicy. Many chef’s or hosts use Tobiko Flying Fish Roe, Black Peppered Bowfin Roe, salmon and trout roe among others to add pizazz to otherwise ordinary or traditional fare. These fish roe contribute a range of flavors and a shimmering color palate to make a great budget friendly meal special. Already affordable, fish roe can be purchased in combination with other gourmet foods online in order to benefit from this one of a kind caviar sale event.

Caviar Gift Baskets

It is easy to take advantage of this caviar sale with any of our exquisite gourmet food baskets on sale that can be customized to your satisfaction. Select from a number of gift baskets such as Prestige Caviar Duo or our Imperial Caviar Gift Basket that is brimming with four top-quality caviars and accessories or our stunning Royal Collection complete with both Golden Imperial Ossetra Caviar, Royal Imperial Caviar, two Mother of Pearl Spoons a Mother of Pearl Server, Crème Fraiche, Blinis and Wild Hibiscus. Every basket has something different for a devoted caviar aficionado or a budding caviar enthusiast.

Gourmet Meats and Seafood

This is the season for indulgence by experiencing the most revered and coveted dry aged ham in the world; Iberico de Bellota Boneless Ham. Or, you can select from an amazing selection of other decadent meats, seafood, mouses and pates such as our succulent Hudson Valley apple wood smoked duck breasts, Jamon Serrano Ham, Paleta Serrano Ham shoulder, Boneless Lamb Shanks, Braised Boneless Ribs, Moulard Duck Legs and Thighs. Then try our squid ink smoked salmon Tuna Fillets or anchovies from our marinated seafood selection that are all part of this caviar sale opportunity.

Foie Gras

Before you buy foie gras online, browse through our expansive foie Gras gourmet selection featuring the highest grade fresh raw foie gras which can be purchased whole, lobed, deveined or hand sliced. Choose from Rougie Sliced Duck Foie Gras, Hudson Terrine of Foie Gras and Canadian Mulard Duck Foie Gras Escalopes among others.


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Other Specialty Products

Add any of our specialty items such as decadent fruit purees, preserves, gourmet oils, vinegar and salt, escargot,, dried fruit and nuts and much more to your shopping cart to take advantage of this amazing new year caviar sale.

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What Makes a Good Quality Vinegar

What Makes a Good Quality Vinegar

What makes a good quality vinegar and how to tell a good quality vinegar

Gourmet vinegar is a highly versatile ingredient that has been around for thousands of years. Valued since ancient times for the exceptionally rich flavor and aroma it imparts to dishes, gourmet vinegar is a tart, flavorful liquid that brings out the best in foods and ingredients. If you are only familiar with the white distilled vinegar commonly available in supermarkets, you are missing out on one of the most enjoyable condiments in the world. So what makes a good quality vinegar? There are certain essential qualities that all the best quality vinegars share:

Top quality vinegar base

To create a high quality vinegar, you need to start with a high quality base . The best quality vinegars do not have to have wine as a base, but they should be created using the highest quality base available. As a rule, you should choose vinegars that incorporate the highest quality ingredient produced by each region.

North America is famous for the quality of its apples, so look for cider vinegar from this area. France, Spain, and Italy produce exquisite wines, so wine vinegars are the staples from these regions. You can refine your search further, opting for vinegars made from wines specific to each region: sherry vinegars from Spain, champagne vinegars from France, and of course, the heavenly rich balsamic vinegars from Italy. The best quality wine vinegars actually bear the name of the specific wine used in their creation.

Only a few top quality ingredients

When you see vinegars that have a plethora of ingredients, it’s a good sign that the maker is trying to mask an inferior product. High quality vinegar has a clear, crisp taste that is pleasurable on its own, without the need for masking ingredients to make it palatable. Watch out for vinegars that contain sugars, extracts, colorings, and preservatives; the inclusion of these additives is a solid indicator that the flavor of the untreated vinegar is lacking.

Pasteurization is another warning sign that a vinegar is not of the best quality. The pasteurization process, meant to increase the shelf life of vinegar, actually strips vinegar of the natural characteristics and flavor that make it such a highly prized condiment. Only by avoiding preservatives, pasteurization, and masking ingredients can you create the full-bodied, rich taste seen in the best quality vinegars.

Slow fermentation process

The best quality vinegars are naturally fermented using the traditional French Orleans process. This time-consuming method bestows a richness of flavor that is worlds away from commercially produced vinegars. In the Orleans process, ventilation holes are drilled in old wine barrels, which are then filled with wine or another vinegar base. An older “mother” vinegar is introduced into the base, which is left to ferment naturally. This aging process can take months or even years, depending on the base used and the desired acidity and flavor.

Because the Orleans fermentation process uses no heat, the vinegar develops a rich flavor and aroma that is highly prized by discerning epicureans. The world famous Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, which is aged for 25 years before sale and is widely recognized as the best imported vinegar in the world, is created using this slow fermenting process. In contrast, commercially produced vinegars are created in mere hours, using a rushed process that produces vinegars that are highly acidic and unpalatable.

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Buying Truffles Online

Buying Truffles Online

Looking for the perfect gourmet ingredient? Try buying truffles online!

Buying truffles online allows you to enjoy the rarest, most flavorful truffles at any time of the year, without undue hassle or expense. Truffles are prized around the world for their pungently rich flavor and aroma. These heavenly diamonds of the culinary world impart an intoxicatingly delicious flavor to cuisine, whether you use fresh truffles or indulge in the gourmet condiments of truffle oil, truffle butter, truffle juice, or sauce. Finding quality truffles in neighborhood stores can be difficult, especially in smaller towns or areas without a gourmet shopping district. Discerning epicureans are discovering that buying truffles online is the most reliable way to obtain delicious preserved and fresh truffles to use in their recipes.

Truffles are the fruiting body of subterranean fungi. They grow near the root systems of certain oak, chestnut, beech, and hazel trees, approximately two and fifteen inches underground. Truffles are extremely difficult to find, as they cannot be seen from above ground. Truffle hunters employ trained pigs or dogs who can identify the delicate aroma of growing truffles, a scent that is undetectable by human noses. Truffles have a notoriously short growing season and demand for this superlative tuber exceeds supply by a wide margin, which contributes to truffles’ mystique and high cost.

One of the difficulties that many epicures face is trying to figure out where to buy truffles. Cooking with truffles has become increasingly popular, because these fragrant fungi can turn even the most homely dish into a gourmet feast. In many areas across the country, finding a reliable source for truffles can be next to impossible. This is particularly true in the case of fresh truffles, which need to be handled correctly to preserve their earthy taste and aroma without degradation.

Buying truffles online from a reputable company such as House of Caviar and Fine Food ensures you can find the most prized, elusive varieties of truffles to flavor your dishes. You can choose Black Truffles or White Truffles, which are both available in Winter and Summer varieties. Winter Black Truffles, also known as Black Diamond or Perigord Truffles, are the most flavorful truffles with a robust aroma and flavor. Summer Black Truffle, which are actually a separate variety of fungi, offer a subtler fragrance and more delicate taste Winter and Summer White Truffles are just harvested in different seasons.

Purchasing truffles online opens a world of flavorful possibilities. Instead of being restricted to a single choice like you find in a brick and mortar store, when you buy truffles online you can find this gourmet ingredient a variety of ways: fresh, frozen, preserved in jars or tins, and in gourmet specialty truffle condiments.

Buying truffles online gives you access to the finest fresh truffles, which are so hard to come by in conventional stores. These taste treats are spectacular shaved over meat and pasta dishes. If you are looking for the perfect ingredient to impart a gourmet touch to any cooked recipe, you can purchase delectable Winter Black Truffles, preserved in water and salt. You can find superb Black Winter Truffle Peelings, which impart a delicious flavor and aroma to rev up the flavor of soups and salads. And of course, you can find a wide selection of delicious truffle butter, truffle cream, truffle oil, and truffle sauce to incorporate into your recipes to make any dish special.

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​Holiday Recipe Ideas

​Holiday Recipe Ideas

Holiday Recipe Ideas

Long before shopping for gifts or deciding how to decorate the house each year, people start planning what they are going to cook, serve or eat during the holidays. From cookies dressed in festive colors to the shimmering pearls of caviar bite size appetizers; finding the right holiday recipe ideas can help to turn everyday meals into gala affairs. Whether it’s the noisy gang from the office meeting up on the eve of the most celebrated day of the year or the entire family accompanied by close friends to celebrate on Christmas day; it’s usually all about the food.

Even the most laissez-faire host veer off track once a year by ferreting out unique holiday recipe ideas to make dining just a bit more special. As a result, “keep it simple” is the one caveat that is never really heeded when choosing holiday recipes for Christmas. Fortunately, as delicacies like caviar and foie gras becomes more affordable and trendy, it’s possible to find easy holiday recipes using these decadent ingredients that include foie gras and caviar.

To tantalize even the most discerning palate we have handpicked the following foie gras recipe appetizers and black caviar recipe for your upcoming holiday celebrations.

Foie Gras Recipe Appetizers

  • Set a holiday table with silver, green and gold for an elegant plating of easy Foie Gras Canapés with Sakura Cress that takes only 20 minutes to prepare and serves up to 12 people. With only four ingredients and a flair that is decidedly deceiving, this foie gras appetizer recipe takes “simple” to a whole new level. The modest ingredients are6 ounces Foie Gras terrine, 4 cups Sakura Cress, Balsamic vinegar and 3 lightly toasted slices of bread.

Using a cookie cutter, cut 12 rounds out of bread and foie gras terrine. On a simple white serving platter, drizzle in a zig-zag pattern with balsamic vinegar. Top each bread round with a foie gras round and arrange on top of drizzled vinegar. Garnish each round with a small heaping of Sakura Cress and serve immediately.

  • Kick your foiegras appetizer recipe up a notch with Seared Foie Gras and Caramelized Apples from Emeril Lagasse. To make this decadent appetizer you will need 3-ounce slices of cleaned Grade A Foie Gras, Salt and freshly ground black pepper, 1/4 cup flour, 1 cup small diced green apples, unpeeled, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1/2 cup Calvados (apple brandy) 4 toast points cut in 3 by 2.

Season the flour and both sides of the foie gras with salt and pepper. Coat fois gras by drenching it in the seasoned flour. Bring a saute pan to medium heat. Sear the fois gras for one minutes on each side then let drain on paper towels. Add the apples and sugar to the residual fat in the pan from the foie gras and sauté for one minute. Remove the pan from the heat and add the Calvados apple brandy. Return the saute pan to the heat to flame. Shake the pan back and forth until the flame dies out. Arrange the toast points in the center of each plate and top with a slice of fois gras. Spoon the apple sauce over the fois gras and serve.

Black Caviar Recipe Ideas

  • For a twist on traditional caviar and eggs, why not try Crispy Poached Eggs, Caviar and Vodka Crème Fraîche. This unique dish is transported by the flavorful outer crunch and a creamy yolk and vodka crème fraîche that blends perfectly with the salinity of shiny black caviar beads.

Ingredients of the  Black Caviar Recipe include, crème fraiche, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon vodka, 1/4 teaspoon salt, one pinch cayenne pepper, 2 tablespoons parsley leaves, 2 tablespoons chives, 2 tablespoons chervil, 8 pieces brioche cut into two-inch circles, 2 tablespoons tarragon leaves, 2 tablespoons melted butter, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 120 grams black Ossetra caviar, poached eggs.

To prepare; combine half cup of crème fraiche with lemon juice, vodka, salt and cayenne pepper in a bowl and whisk until you have soft peaks. Poach eggs in water heated to 140 degree for approximately 45 minutes. Add simmering water to maintain temperature if it falls below 140 degrees. Remove eggs after cooking and shock in ice water until cool. Remove any water and gently lay eggs in ground panko and coat well. Fry at 400 degrees for approximately 20 seconds or until golden brown and crispy. Toss the brioche with butter and toast in a 350 degree oven until golden.

To serve, arrange toasted brioche on an appetizer plate and top with the crispy poached egg and black caviar. Place 2 tablespoons of whipped crème fraîche mixture on the left side of Broiche. Mix all herbs together and place at the right of the crème fraîche. Drizzle herbs with olive oil.

  • Entice almost everyone with this easy prawn, bacon and black caviar appetizer. The visual appeal and combination of flavors of these crowd favorites with caviar is so scrumptious that it may be necessary to make an extra appetizer for each guest. So, feel free to double up on the following ingredients to make this delicious cold appetizer.
  • To serve six people you will need 7 ounces of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons ketchup, ½ tablespoon brandy, ⅛ teaspoon cayenne pepper, ¼ iceberg lettuce, 6 cooked shrimp, 2 strips bacon that has been fried crisp and crumbled, 1 lime, 1 fresh tomato, 6 teaspoons black caviar, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce and 6 sprigs fresh parsley.

Chop the lettuce up and divide it between 6 serving dishes. Cut the tomato into 6 slices and cut the lime into 7 slices. Combine mayonnaise, crumbled bacon, cayenne pepper, ketchup and lime juice from one slice of the lime. Season the mixture with the brandy, dash of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco then blend well. Divide this sauce between each serving dish. Arrange cooked shrimp on the plate, sprinkle with crumbled bacon and top with a teaspoon of caviar. Arrange a slice of tomato and a slice of lime to each dish. Garnish with shrimp appetizer with parsley sprigs.

Learn more about the holiday recipe Ideas with caviar and foie gras by following House of Caviar and Fine food online or on Facebook. Since all our gourmet products meet the strictest importation and quality standards you can feel secure that you are getting the purest and freshest caviar and foie gras when you visit our online store.