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Tips on how to serve and eat caviar, the world’s most exquisite delicacy

Introducing caviar into your lifestyle for the first time can be intimidating, but with a few tips on how to eat and serve this delectable delicacy, you’ll be dining like an experienced caviar connoisseur in no time! Caviar is one of the most highly desirable gourmet food offerings, prized by epicureans for its delightful taste and texture. While this superb taste treat was once reserved for the exclusive enjoyment of the top segments of society, the House of Caviar and Fine Foods makes it possible for individuals everywhere to incorporate caviar into their dining selections. Even if you never thought of yourself as living a caviar lifestyle, once you learn the proper way to eat caviar you will find yourself incorporating this divinely delicious food into every gathering and occasion you celebrate.

The best way to store caviar

As soon as your caviar arrives, store it in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Caviar is best when stored at a frigid 26 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It should never be frozen, because the expanding ice crystals can burst the fragile egg membranes, rending the succulent caviar capsules into an unappealing, mushy mass.

The proper way to serve caviar

The first step to incorporating caviar into your lifestyle is learning how to serve caviar correctly. Caviar should never be allowed to come in contact with silver or stainless steel utensils or serving dishes, as this can impart an unpleasant metallic taste. Caviar should be served chilled, in a crystal, porcelain, or glass serving bowl nestled on a cooling bed of crushed ice. A mother-of pearl spoon is the traditional choice to scoop the luscious pearls, but ones of gold or horn may also be used. As a last resort, a plastic spoon can be used, although that is considered a déclassé choice.

How to eat caviar
Caviar has always been served as the sophisticated high note at the chicest gatherings, but foodies now embrace it as the perfect food to add a touch of luxury to every occasion.True connoisseurs prefer to enjoy caviar straight from a spoon, without any other flavors to distract them from savoring caviar’s exquisite taste and texture. Many choose to serve caviar on toast points, with hard-boiled eggs, minced chives, or butter whipped with a few drops of lemon juice. Another favorite way to eat caviar is with blinis and Crème fraîche to bring out the rich notes of the pearl’s flavor.

How to get the most enjoyment from eating caviar

The recommended serving size of caviar is approximately one ounce. That translates to one or two teaspoons at the most. Caviar eggs should be gently scooped into your mouth and rolled on the tongue. Once the caviar globes are in your mouth, gently crush the pearls with your tongue to experience the delightful “pop” and burst of satisfyingly rich flavor on your palate. Savor caviar’s tantalizingly delicate taste with just a hint of salt.

Traditionalists advise that in order to glean the most enjoyment of caviar’s dynamic flavor, you should prepare your palate between tastes by imbibing a sip of crisp, ice-cold Russian vodka. Many caviar enthusiasts now choose a different route, pairing their caviar with chilled white wine or crisp champagne.

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