Caviar is a one- of -a- kind food you should try at least once in your life. It’s worldwide known as a luxurious delicacy and there are plenty of myths about it. However, having Caviar does not mean you’ll have to empty all your pockets to afford it.It can indeed be expensive, but when exploring the options you’ll know there’s one for you. That’s why we’ve made a selection of the best Caviar to buy in House of Caviar and help you make your pick. 

First, let’s remember a few of Caviar’s basics. Caviar is eggs or roe collected from the sturgeon family traditionally  from the Caspian and Black Seas. Although all- female fish lay eggs, only sturgeon eggs are considered Caviar. Some other fish eggs like salmon, trout, and flying fish are also considered “roe”. These ones have become a very popular and affordable alternative to getting Caviar.

If you haven’t ever tried Caviar and you’re in the search for the perfect one to start, you may be wondering why is it so special? There are many reasons to explain why Caviar is so worth it, but these are three you should know about: 

  • Caviar is luxurious and prestigious: Caviar is a matter of history. Its reputation comes from hundreds of years ago in the ancient empires. Back then, high-end caviar was already scarce and it was reserved for members of the ruling family of the world’s largest kingdoms and empires. 

  • Caviar tastes like nothing else: it’s  important to remember there are many varieties of caviar and each one has different flavors. However and no matter which type they try, people describe that they feel the sea in their mouth after tasting caviar. Plus, a touch of saltiness and a sweet, nutty sense of fish. 


  • Caviar is a healthy bomb: Caviar isn’t just having something unique and tasty, it also contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Caviar is rich in vitamins A, B12, C, and D. It also has a high content of magnesium, iron, and calcium and healthy fatty acids like omega-3 are also part of the package. 

Usually, cooking tends to remove a large part of the nutrient content of food but since Caviar is eaten raw, you’ll be able to absorb everything it has to offer.

There are 27 species of sturgeon, which means you have many types of Caviar to choose from. You’ll find it available in many colors, textures, tastes and ways of production, which can make it confusing. But don’t worry! You don’t have to try all of them. 

The following list is a selection of the best Caviar to try in House of Caviar’s online store. Caviar is such a remarkable product that anyone you choose will be perfect to start with, but there are a few that you’d like to keep in your mind. These  are: Ossetra, Beluga Hybrid, Kaluga, Hackleback Caviar and Salmon. Now, let’s get to meet each one of them.

Ossetra Caviar 

This is definitely the most popular type of Caviar among all species. It is often described as  soft and loose, and the taste it leaves in the mouth may be similar to the taste of walnuts. Ossetra Caviar is said to have the most incredible variety in flavor, size, and color. It ranges from golden to brown and you can serve it with pasta, poultry, and seafood. Pairing Ossetra won’t be a problem because it goes well with any type of recipe. 

Want to try Ossetra Caviar? We recommend you start with Imperial Ossetra Caviar and if you want to know more, check all the products available by clicking here. 

This one is a top of the line caviar. It is meticulously selected and graded for epicureans  to verify it is of the highest quality. 

Beluga Hybrid 

This is the rarest and most expensive type of Caviar. Beluga Caviar stands out for its large light-gray pea-sized pearls with a buttery, creamy, nutty flavor and unique full-flavored after taste. However, due to the uncontrolled exploitation of these types of fish the Beluga species is at serious risk. This is why Beluga Hybrid exists, a sustainable option for enjoying this type of Caviar and  you can find it in House of Caviar. 

Large pearlescent gray eggs and full bodied and rich flavor with a very creamy texture and long finish. 

Kaluga Caviar 

The Kaluga is considered to be the world’s largest freshwater sturgeon. In appearance, the medium to large Kaluga eggs have a glossy light to deep brown or golden hue. The texture of the roe is firm and smooth with an earthy, buttery flavor and a mildly salty overtone. Kaluga Caviar is less expensive than the previous ones but still has the magical effect of the imported types of Caviar. Give it a try! 

Our Kaluga caviar is very similar to the Beluga in size of egg, color and taste. It has large-sized eggs, a light brown/golden color, and creamy/buttery flavor.

Hackleback Caviar

Hackleback is the world’s smallest spice of sturgeon. They have a gray, almost black, color and a medium sized pearl. Its flavor is described as unique with an intense nutty, buttery taste, similar to the Osetra and Sevruga caviar from the Caspian Sea. 

Our Hackleback caviar has a nutty, sweet, and buttery flavor worth trying. 

Salmon Roe 

Salmon Roe is a reddish-orange semi transparent egg found in the bellies of female salmon. It’s also known as red Caviar and a good quality salmon roe is recognized for its shiny appearance, firm texture and great  content of vitamins and proteins. Red Caviar and regular Caviar are both exquisit. But unlike regular Caviar, salmon roe is the most affordable and accessible type for everyone. 

Our Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar is from the most prized Pacific “Chum” Salmon, also referred to as Keta salmon.

If you made it until this point, you’re ready to make your pick. Caviar is a large world of possibilities so don’t rush. To look for more options visit our website: House of Caviar. Find the highest quality Caviar whether it is imported or domestic, there’s one waiting for you. And accompaniments? You’ll find them also here! Visit us, choose the ideal Caviar for you, visit our blog for recipe ideas and enjoy!