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Understanding the Difference Between Fish Roe vs Caviar

What makes caviar and fish roe differentIf you are new to the caviar lifestyle, you may be wondering what the difference is between caviar and fish roe. This is a common question and a source of some confusion, because the terms caviar and roe both refer to fish eggs that impart a delectably rich taste when added to recipes or enjoyed alone. While some restaurants and shops attempt to label…

How to Serve Foie Gras

Tips on how to serve foie grasIf you love the decadently rich taste of foie gras but thought it was too complicated to serve at home, you are in for a wonderful surprise. Many gourmet aficionados make the mistake of thinking the only way they can incorporate this gastronomic delight at home is as foie gras pate. Actually, foie gras is surprisingly simple to serve whether it is in its whole…