Shipping & Handling Policies:

About Free Shipping offers:

Enjoy Free Ground shipping on orders over $100 with code FREEGROUND. Automatically receive Free Standard or Priority Overnight shipping on orders over $300

Do you ship to a P.O. Box?

Unfortunately, shipping perishable items to a P.O box is neither permitted nor safe for the product. We suggest shipping your fresh caviar to your home or office where it can be placed into a refrigerator upon receiving.

Do i need to sign for my box?

Shipments over $500 in value will require a signature on delivery.


Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

$10 surcharge (may be waived at our discretion depending on the size of your order).

What will it cost to ship my order?

Perishables products must be shipped Overnight via Standard Overnight for $35.00 or Priority Overnight for $49.00 ( Priority guarantees before 11 am delivery and allows for Saturday delivery option)

Non Perishable products can be shipped via Ground Method for $15.50.

Local Shipping: (All addresses located in Florida) The Standard Overnight Method costs $18.00 and Priority Overnight costs $49.00. Ground shipping locally costs $12.50.

Caviar 101:

What is the best way to store fresh Caviar?

Upon receipt remove all packaging from the box; place the caviar in the coolest part of the refrigerator for two hours or more prior to opening the caviar tin. This will allow the caviar to adjust from its long journey. Once opened, enjoy your caviar within 3 days.

How long will my caviar last?

An unopened tin or jar will stay fresh for up to three weeks between 28° – 34°F. Please do not freeze any caviar.

How is caviar quality graded?

: The quality of caviar is graded based on a set of factors in which the scorer must answer a series of questions about the product to determine whether the caviar is Grade 1 or Grade 2. The 9 factors that caviar is graded on are egg size, egg color, egg firmness, egg lucidity, egg uniformity, egg separation, egg fragrance, egg taste, and egg maturity. See more on how caviar is graded and the factors that change the rating.

What’s the difference between classic, royal and imperial caviar?

These names are used by caviar producers to further grade their product, mostly based on their standards for the size and color of the caviar beads/grains. The lowest of the three grades is “Classic” and is given to product that meets the average egg color and bead size for caviar from that species. “Royal” is the next step up and will typically be lighter in color or have larger grains than “Classic” caviar. The rarest and most expensive grade for a type of caviar is “Imperial” which is reserved for product with the largest eggs and lightest color.

Checkout Help / Miscellaneous:

I just ordered a gift for a loved one. How do I include a personalized message in their box?

Leave us the message in the “comment” section of checkout. We will write your message in a card and put it inside their package free of charge. If we did not completely answer your question or if you need more assistance, please visit our contact us page.

How do I know that my payment went through and my order is being processed?

After completing checkout you should receive an email from Caviarlover confirming that your order has been paid for and is being processed.

Can I track my order?

You will be emailed a tracking number the day before your package is scheduled to be delivered. This will be approximately 6 PM ET. If you do not receive a tracking number feel free to give us a call or email us at sales@bemka.com.

Can i choose the date i want my order delivered?

You select at checkout the date that you would like your products delivered. Fedex can deliver your product Tuesday through Saturday (where Saturday delivery is available), except on holidays or the day after a holiday.

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