Many Americans celebrate Labor Day with parades, picnics, and parties – festivities very similar to those outlined by the first proposal for a holiday, which suggested that the day should be observed with – a street parade to exhibit the community, followed by a festival for the recreation and amusement of the workers and their families. However, today the celebrations are more modern and include some luxuries. For this reason, today we bring you a great idea so you know how to celebrate this day with fine foods and be the host of this festivity.

Host a Labor Day celebration

Invite your friends and family to celebrate the holiday with you. Organize a barbecue and prepare a special meal with Caviar and our gourmet meats. You can hold this party at your house, beach or even on a yacht. Put up decorations and put on some music to give the party a more festive atmosphere. Hang red, white, and blue paper streamers, flags, or lanterns. Pick up some patriotic napkins and paper plates.

To organize a successful meal, we share the following recipes, which will undoubtedly leave your guests breathless on Labor Day.

Labor Day recipes with Caviar and Gourmet meats

Appetizers are a great way to start your celebration. We love these simple starters that taste fantastic to get things started this Labor Day.

Smoked Salmon and Caviar Canapes:

For this recipe, we recommend our Imported Caviar, we assure you that you will have a unique and quality appetizer.To prepare them, cut french bread into slices and preheat in the oven until toasted, cover the bread with Creme Fraiche and grated onion, and add a small piece of smoked salmon and a small spoonful of caviar. And voilá: Easy and delicious! –Find some ingredients here Fresh and quality!

After the appetizers, it’s time to get to the main course and a gourmet barbeque means grilled specialties for the delight of all. Try our favorite gourmet meats which are listed below for the ultimate in barbeque Labor Day recipe ideas.

Grilled Steak with Fried Tomatoes and Green Beans :

This dish is a nice mix of juicy meat and grilled vegetables, not only delicious but also easy to prepare. For this dish, we recommend our: Grass-fed beef Family Fest.Celebrate this day with selections of 100% grass-fed beef from New Zealand. It will certainly be the best to save some money. Includes 1 outside skirt steak, two porterhouse steaks, and two cowboy ribeye steaks, which are extra thick and extra juicy.Without a doubt, your barbeque will be deliciously special. this collection is 100% guaranteed to please everyone around your table.

Soy- Pork steak With Herbs and Jalapeños:

Thin- pork steak only takes a few minutes on the grill, and this recipe offers a nice mix of flavors with soy sauce and brown sugar, mint, cilantro, and jalapeños to give it a special touch. Of course, we recommend that you buy our: Secreto Iberico- Pork steak.This highly grained piece stands out for its wonderful flavor and texture. Secreto could be called a pork skirt steak due to its similar properties to beef skirt steak. Secreto is sold by the piece, and each piece weighs approximately 1.5 Lb. Sizzle this thin cut on the grill and the fat will immediately start to melt away, bathing the pork in acorn-flavored juiciness. 

Ibérico de Bellota pork is famed for its beautiful marbling and no other cut displays this more deliciously than the ‘Secreto’. While it comes from the shoulder area, it has a lot of similarities to a tender skirt steak. Indigenous black Ibérico pigs wander the ‘Dehesa’ forests of southwest Spain munching on herbs, grasses, and most importantly, acorns. Not only are they the happiest pigs on earth, but this diet adds wonderful flavor to the pork. And all that exercise fosters the marbling that makes Ibérico so special. 

The acorn and herb-flavored pork are high in mono-unsaturated fats that melt at low temperatures and are more healthy than the fat from normal pork. The ‘secreto’ has so much marbling it has a bit of a bacon-like flavor, but much more complex because of the grasses, herbs, and acorns on which the animals grazed. The ‘secreto’ cut is a small, thin cut that is hard to locate on the pigs, thus the name. It should be grilled on medium-high heat. Serve with a glass of good red wine and crusty bread to mop up the juices.

What’s Labor Day without dessert? To finish, we share with you a unique recipe that you have surely never heard of before. Dessert specialty with caviar!

Swedish caviar Cake

Is an ice cream custard topped with crème fraîche, onion, and two types of caviar for a fresh dessert. Prepare ahead of time and serve cold for your grand finale. Read the full recipe from Fine Food and end this holiday on a high note. We are not leaving without first recommending our caviar for this recipe. Buy our best Caviar here! 

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