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Get the new year started right with a special caviar sale going on now through the end of February at House of Caviar and Fine Foods. This caviar sale offers the best caviar deals on the entire gourmet food line. It is also a great opportunity to experience imported and domestic delicacies and a host of other foods from a range of product categories of high quality gourmet food online.

Since House of Caviar and fine foods are purveyors of only top quality luxury products, imagine getting as much as $25 off any purchase of $200 or more and $50 off purchases of $400 or more when you use our promo codes until the end of February. For this limited time only, find the best caviar deals and other gourmet items from the following product categories.

Imported Caviar

Now is the perfect time to plan an impromptu gathering and pamper your guest with exquisite servings of imported caviar. Take advantage of the best caviar deals that includes the Kaluga caviar selection that is always a crowd pleaser as well as our entire imported Ossetra caviar miscellany that includes Golden Imperial Ossetra, Crown Russian Ossetra, Classic Russian Ossetra, Royal Siberian Ossetra and Classic Siberian Ossetra Caviar. Also; featuring in the caviar sale is our Italian Classic White Sturgeon. These are a definite favorites among some of the most avid caviar connoisseurs.

American Caviar

When great savings are part of the equation, no special occasion is required to enjoy caviar. American Caviar has achieved the distinction of being a top-rated product without the exorbitant price point typically associated with this delicacy. For caviar enthusiasts who want to indulge their taste buds as well as reap the health benefits from eating caviar on a more regular basis this year, House of Caviar and Fine Foods suggest exploring some of the best caviar deals on American Caviar brands such as California Royal White Sturgeon, American Hackleback caviar, Wild Paddlefish and Wild Paddlefish caviar to name a few.

Fish Roe

Like caviar, top-quality processed fish roe is whole, firm and juicy. Many chef’s or hosts use Tobiko Flying Fish Roe, Black Peppered Bowfin Roe, salmon and trout roe among others to add pizazz to otherwise ordinary or traditional fare. These fish roe contribute a range of flavors and a shimmering color palate to make a great budget friendly meal special. Already affordable, fish roe can be purchased in combination with other gourmet foods online in order to benefit from this one of a kind caviar sale event.

Caviar Gift Baskets

It is easy to take advantage of this caviar sale with any of our exquisite gourmet food baskets on sale that can be customized to your satisfaction. Select from a number of gift baskets such as Prestige Caviar Duo or our Imperial Caviar Gift Basket that is brimming with four top-quality caviars and accessories or our stunning Royal Collection complete with both Golden Imperial Ossetra Caviar, Royal Imperial Caviar, two Mother of Pearl Spoons a Mother of Pearl Server, Crème Fraiche, Blinis and Wild Hibiscus. Every basket has something different for a devoted caviar aficionado or a budding caviar enthusiast.

Gourmet Meats and Seafood

This is the season for indulgence by experiencing the most revered and coveted dry aged ham in the world; Iberico de Bellota Boneless Ham. Or, you can select from an amazing selection of other decadent meats, seafood, mouses and pates such as our succulent Hudson Valley apple wood smoked duck breasts, Jamon Serrano Ham, Paleta Serrano Ham shoulder, Boneless Lamb Shanks, Braised Boneless Ribs, Moulard Duck Legs and Thighs. Then try our squid ink smoked salmon Tuna Fillets or anchovies from our marinated seafood selection that are all part of this caviar sale opportunity.

Foie Gras

Before you buy foie gras online, browse through our expansive foie Gras gourmet selection featuring the highest grade fresh raw foie gras which can be purchased whole, lobed, deveined or hand sliced. Choose from Rougie Sliced Duck Foie Gras, Hudson Terrine of Foie Gras and Canadian Mulard Duck Foie Gras Escalopes among others.


Our experts are particularly selective when it comes to this highly prized delicacy. House of Caviar and Fine foods carefully choose and provide fresh and preserved truffles such as Whole Winter Black Truffles from France, Italy or China with the most unique flavor profile. In addition, take a look at our tips on how to buy truffles online and the many truffle infused products that is included in our caviar sale such as Black Truffle Butter, White Truffle Sunflower Oil and decadent Black Truffle Tartufata sauce made with a blend of summer truffles and cold pressed olive oil just to name a few.

Other Specialty Products

Add any of our specialty items such as decadent fruit purees, preserves, gourmet oils, vinegar and salt, escargot,, dried fruit and nuts and much more to your shopping cart to take advantage of this amazing new year caviar sale.

You can experience the best imported and domestic caviar and gourmet foods from around the world that are now on sale online through the end of February at House of Caviar and Fine Foods. This is a great opportunity to explore a wide variety of gourmet fare at our online store. Also, follow House of Caviar and Fine Foods on Facebook for delicious recipes and more ideas on ways to incorporate these delicacies into your lifestyle.