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Finding ways to eat caviar is not only fun but beneficial. According to nutritional data, caviar meets and even exceeds the “superfood” criteria. To begin with, it has the highest grade and most easily absorbed protein, plus caviar is loaded with phosphorus, folic acid, iodine and A, D, E and B12 vitamins among others. And since there are no empty calories, you get a nutritional power boost in every bite whether you know the best way to eat caviar or not.

Unfortunately, most people rarely receive the amazing benefits of this superfood, because it is usually reserved only for special occasions. However, one way to make this delicacy a regular part of your diet is by understanding and exploiting the range in variety, quality and cost of caviar that is available today. Plus, the ability to buy caviar online has also made this decadent fare much more accessible.

Exploring how to eat caviar however, is not only about price and nutritional value. Overtime, caviar enthusiasts gain a certain savoir-faire when it comes to finding innovative ways to eat caviar. So, if you are looking for a short cut to becoming a caviar aficionado, take a look at the following ways to eat caviar.

Top 10 Ways to Eat Caviar

1. One of the best ways to eat high quality caviar such as an Osetra or Kaluga is ungarnished. Of course, this way is probably best suited to consummate caviar connoisseurs with concerns about adulterating the delicate taste of this exquisite fare.

2. Couple caviar with foods that highlight the signature flavor offerings of the salty roe. Caviar served with fresh hand-made blinis and crème fraiche is a classic caviar pairing.

3. Amp up the indulgence quotient by combining caviar with another luxury food such as foie gras. According to avid gourmet diners who describe these delicacies as the “perfect match” this food combination one of the most highly favored ways to eat caviar.

4. If you are truly into decadence, you may enjoy caviar served on top of a thin disk of Italian White Chocolate.

5. One of the most exotic and nutritionally dense appetizers is caviar and oysters. It is such a crowd pleasure that it also rates as one of the best ways to eat caviar.

best way to eat caviar

6. For a more natural pairing, cucumber topped with caviar is fresh and crisp. The neutral taste of cucumber is th

e perfect showcase for the flavor burst of any caviar.

7. No matter how you choose to enjoy caviar, avoid the use of metal utensils to preserve the essence of this delicacy. It is best served with a mother-of-pearl spoon to avoid tainting the integrity of the fish eggs. Look for mother-of-pearl accessories when you buy caviar online.

8. Always serve caviar at its peak of freshness. Caviar should be cooled for at 10 to 15 minutes before serving. Any remainder should be refrigerated and consumed within three to five days. Caviar is a highly perishable product that requires storage at the appropriate temperature (between 25 and 29 degrees Fahrenheit) to prevent rapid spoilage.

9. Although more a matter of personal taste than a gastronomic ethic, Vodka and Champagne are the most popular beverages that accompany a meal with caviar. In fact, it is a Russian tradition to pair vodka with caviar and to do otherwise is considered by Russian caviar aficionado to be a culinary abuse of this delicacy.

10. Caviar is known for its distinctive flavor and high price. Therefore, as a guest at an elegant affair or in someone’s home, it is not only polite but good etiquette to eat caviar in small portions.

Whether you eat caviar off the back of your hand, on a Russian Blini or with smoked salmon, caviar has the power to delight the palate as well as to provide innumerable health benefits.

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