Foie gras literally means “fat liver” in French and it’s pronounced “frwah grah”. Foie Gras is a delicacy made from the fattened liver of a duck or goose. It’s incredibly rich and buttery and it can be eaten in many ways, either whole, as pâté, or as a mousse. 

Fresh Foie Gras must have a uniform color, without spots or bruises, varying from beige to ivory through rosé, depending on the animal’s diet. To the touch, it must be neither too firm nor too soft: supple and resistant at the same time,  Foie Gras must return to its original shape.

All Foie Gras is made up of two lobes (one smaller than the other) that together create an oval shape. To identify Foie Gras you should know there are three grades: Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C.

Grade A is the best quality. This grade designates a liver that is the largest in size with a firm body, shiny exterior, and smooth texture. The color is consistent and there are no blood spots or blemishes. A Grade A Foie Gras should have a sweet smell and is used in the simplest of preparations, such as searing and sauteing. 

Grade B Foie Gras has the same rich taste as Grade A but is smaller with visible veining and defects and has a softer texture than Grade A, making it ideal for pates and terrines. And last not but not least, Grade C, the lowest quality Foie Gras, is not as prevalent as the other two and is used mostly to flavor and thicken sauces.

One of the best advantages of Foie gras is that you’ll be able to find it available fresh, whole, raw lobe, or fully cooked medallions or terrines that you can slice and serve. However, it may be hard to find in grocery stores, so you will want to check gourmet shops or fine food stores like House of Caviar. 

To help you in your search for the best Foie Gras, here are some tips about each Type of Foie Gras and the products available in our online store to try them right away. 

Fresh Foie Gras

This is the ideal type for roasting, braising, searing, or preparing terrines. Poach it whole and serve sliced with braised fennel and cracked black pepper caramel sauce. Find the following products in House of Caviar: 

Mousse and Paté

Mousse de Foie Gras is made with slices of duck or goose Foie Gras that are processed into a smooth, light, and spreadable paste with ingredients such as softened butter, béchamel sauce, or crème fraiche. This dish typically uses the grade B or C Foie Gras, and it is usually seasoned with salt and black pepper and flavored with  brandy, orange-flavored Grand Marnier, or port wine. A simple, yet elegant appetizer, Mousses, and Patés  are incredibly versatile. 

These are typically served on bread or toast, maybe add some mustard and cornichons, or chutney. You set the rules on how to serve Foie Gras but remember to keep it simple. Less is more! 

These are some of the Mousses and Patés available in our store: 


Prepared Foie Gras

This type of Foie Gras is perfect for those running out of time to make dinner or cook a recipe. These options provide you a ready to serve Foie Gras and drop some jaws at the table. House of Caviar offers you a variety of products to choose from. Some of these are: 

Whole Foie Gras: whole Foie Gras is the cream of Foie Gras and the most appreciated by connoisseurs. It is most often made from a whole Foie Gras from the same animal. When cut, it has a uniform texture and color. It is the top-of-the-range product and therefore the most expensive. 

Terrine: this is one of the most common ways to prepare Foie Gras. In this case, seasoned and raw Foie Gras de canard or duck Foie Gras is pressed into a terrine container and it is then left to marinate drizzled with some Sauternes wine or Armagnac on top.

After marinating for some time, the terrine is placed inside a water bath and baked before it is weighted down to give the dish its distinctive fatty layer on the surface. It is a common practice to chill the cooked terrine de foie gras for a couple of days or more before consumption. 

Serve Foie Gras Terrine chilled with slices of crusty peasant-style bread, baguette, toasted brioche, cranberry walnut loaf, and any fruit compote or chutney to complement the creamy, fatty flavor. Keep in mind to slice with a knife previously dipped in hot water to make clean, perfect cuts every time. Foie Gras is delicate, so handle it with care.

Now you know more about Foie Gras and its types, choose your favorite one, schedule a dinner and enjoy! House of Caviar is your go-to source for fine foods such as Foie Gras, Caviar, Meats, Truffles, and much more! Visit our online store and discover the greatest variety of products just a click away from your home. What are you waiting for? Come and get everything you’re looking for.