How to Serve Foie Gras

How to Serve Foie Gras

If you love the decadently rich taste of foie gras but thought it was too complicated to serve at home, you are in for a wonderful surprise. Many gourmet aficionados make the mistake of thinking the only way they can incorporate this gastronomic delight at home is as foie gras pate. Actually, foie gras is surprisingly simple to serve whether it is in its whole lobe form or prepared as a terrine or pate. Once you know how to serve foie gras, you can easily feature it as a centerpiece at all your finest gatherings. Don´t be surprised to find yourself reaching for foie gras as your favorite flavor, using it to transform everyday meals into gourmet concoctions and as a stand-alone treasure anytime you have a craving for something delicious.

  • How to prepare foie gras

Moulard duck foie gras is recommended for the richest, most refined flavor. If you are starting with fresh or frozen foie gras lobes, they need to be cooked before they can be served. Foie gras lobes store exceptionally well in the freezer, and are available in cubes, slices, or whole lobes. If using frozen foie gras, defrost in the refrigerator before preparing. Starting with foie gras lobes that are at a slightly chilled temperature, slice into portions that are approximately half an inch thick.

The high fat content of foie gras can cause it to tear or crumble when cut with a room temperature knife, so be sure to use a non-serrated blade and run it under hot water between each cut. Lightly salt and pepper slices, then sear in a hot skillet for around 30 seconds on each side, just long enough for the foie gras to develop a light brown crust.

  • How to serve whole lobe foie gras

Because foie gras is so superbly rich, it should be served in portions that are no larger than a single slice. Typical foie gras accompaniments include dried fruits or nuts, or simple sauces such as honey or fig chutney. Fruity and acidic flavors enhance the rich, nutty taste of foie gras to create a harmonious whole. Arrange your foie gras slices on toasted brioche rounds, or plate the slices and drizzle with a simple sweet-and-sour sauce, such as an Asian plum sauce or cranberry sauce.

  • Serving foie gras pate and terrine

When serving prepared foie gras pates or terrines, you can just slice portions directly from the mold. Ready-made foie gras has the best flavor when served slightly chilled or at room temperature. Fold slices onto toast points or country bread. Foie gras goes well with honey and fruit preserves, or you can simply serve on the toast slices. Accompany with lightly perfumed, sweet wines such as Sauternes and sweeter Rieslings.

  • Where to obtain foie gras

Many grocery stores and gourmet shops only carry “shelf-stable” foie gras that had been preserved in jars or tins. Buying foie gras from the House of Caviar & Fine Foods online store allows amateur chefs and aspiring foodies to enjoy fresh, frozen, and ready-made foie gras that is flavorful and of the highest quality. For more than thirty years, we have been the online source that discerning epicureans rely on for the freshest selected caviar and foie gras, as well as specialty meats, seafood, truffles, and other gourmet foods from all over the world. Follow House of Caviar and Fine foods online on our Facebook page for more foie gras serving suggestions, gourmet recipes, and more.