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If you are a lover of caviar, then you quite likely have a discernible taste for gourmet foods of all kinds. That’s why https://www.houseofcaviarandfinefoods.com/ caters to not just the caviar lover but the gourmet food connoisseur as well. We have many fine foods to choose from, delivered fast and fresh to your house. From truffles to escargot and everything in between, it’s not too hard to imagine the high quality of the products we sell here. After all, our track record speaks for itself.

We’ve been in this business for the last 30 years, established in the early 1980s. House of Caviar, as your official importer of caviar and fine foods, has offices in the United States, Belgium and Holland. We boast an impressive line of fine foods to please every palate.

Foie Gras

We offer a wide range of tasty foie gras, which is basically the liver of a duck or goose. Check out the many types we sell:

  • Fresh Raw Foie Gras: 100 percent corn featuring a nutty yet sweet taste.
  • Foie Gras Whole: Pure foie gras or lobes of foie gras
  • Frozen: High grade 100 percent duck foie gras which is harvested and then flash frozen to seal in freshness.
  • Sliced: Hand sliced, frozen and vacuum packed.
  • Whole Moulard duck breast: Matured over a period of seven days, punctuated by a deep red color with rich overtones.
  • Pasteurized or “semi-cooked” Foie Gras: 100 percent foie gras featuring a creamy texture. Comes in an easy-to-open metal can or jar.
  • Whole: Whole liver, enhanced by port wine or Armagnac.
  • Other: parfait or mousse


Our truffle line is stupendous, offering you the very best in quality highlighted by the quickest delivery to ensure freshness. Here are some of the truffle types we sell:

  • Black summer/winter
  • Black
  • Carpaccio
  • French
  • Spring white/summer
  • Truffle juice
  • Truffle complements: honey, truffle cream, oil, butter, salt


Another worldwide delicacy, escargot is comprised of cooked snails, revered for its unique texture and taste. There are many kinds, including ones hailing from France, which come from the species Helix pomatia, and those that hail from elsewhere in Europe such as the Elona quimperiana species.

Tuna Fillets and Anchovies

You will love the taste of our wild caught hand-packed and dolphin-safe yellowfin tuna which makes up our impressive line of imported gourmet tuna products. All tuna is caught in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean, yet prepared in Costa Rica. Immersed in water or olive oil, the tuna can be flavored with garlic, oregano, jalapeño, smoke oil, and lemon – your choice. Also available in a range of flavors? Our European anchovies, such as large white anchovy fillets, marinated in oil and vinegar, flavored with anything from garlic to basil.

All of the fine foods you find here at House of Caviar are sure to please you and all your guests. Order fresh today…you won’t be disappointed!