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If you are looking for a truly decadent meal on a warm summer evening, pair the  best wine with caviar or a great bottle of champagne. Whether you are at home or in a fine restaurant, the perfect wine pairing with caviar or champagne could plummet you into exquisite sensory overload. Remember in order to achieve the most delectable caviar pairings these gourmet indulgences must complement rather than contrast.

While it is true that ideal caviar pairings can be uniquely personal, an unqualified union may interrupt an otherwise delightful epicurean experience. For this reason, we at House of Caviar and Fine Foods have pooled, what some ardent gourmet enthusiasts describe as the best caviar, wine and champagne pairings.

Best Wine with Caviar

  • Sauvignon Blanc is a crisp white wine that complements the nutty flavor of the California Royal White Sturgeon Caviar. Based on the ripeness of the grapes used during vinification, this wine may have either a mild herbaceous or zesty lemon flavor that imperceptibly offset the salinity of the Royal White Sturgeon. This wine and caviar pairing enhances the provocative taste of the large firm roe of the white sturgeon which compares to the priciest Osetra.
  • Blanc de Noir is a sparkling white wine that enjoys a reputation as one of the best wine with caviar pairings. It teams up particularly well with our Russian Osetra, the classic Siberian Osetra and Imperial Osetra selections. Made from deep red or black grapes, the aromas and long, complex finish of a Blanc de Noir is the perfect accompaniment to a more flavor dense caviar. The buttery taste of the Osetra roe is considered among the most appetizing by avid caviar consumers.
  • Pinot Grigio is an Italian wine that is distinctly light-bodied and vibrant. It is a perfect duo with the large lustrous pearls of the Classic White Sturgeon, Hackleback and even Wild Paddlefish caviar. And, while the Pino Gris is of the same variety and the Pinot Noir is a variant-clone of the Pinot Grigio they are less desirable wines to pair with caviar. Their more viscous texture and robust body tend to smother the subtle flavor of this delicacy. Even so, since caviar is often combined with other complex ingredients such as raw onions, eggs, oysters and salmon, it does on occasion, enables these more full-bodies wines to be invited to the caviar party.

Champagne and Caviar

Absolutely nothing pairs better with caviar than champagne. A bite of caviar followed by a sip of the driest champagne and a few seconds of intermingling often result in an unmatched flavor burst. The best way to enjoy caviar is in its purest form with one of the following champagnes.

  • Dom Perignon is the ultimate splurge and most frequently selected for champagne and caviar pairings. A flute of this crisp clean champagne presented with a dollop of Kaluga Caviar or other high quality caviar preserves the texture and heightens the taste experience of those exquisite gems.
  • Krug Champagne is another favorite among caviar connoisseurs. The understated bouquet of vintage Krug transforms the Juicy brown pearls of any Ossetra Caviar into creamy magic on the tongue.
  • Taittinger can accompany both domestic and imported caviar from every price range. This makes it a great caviar pairing champagne. The explosion of bubbles and pop of the decadent eggs creates harmony delicious between the subtleties of the caviar and the delicate buoyancy of this champagne.

In addition to the palate pleasing experience, caviar is a highly nutritious food. As such, splurging on caviar wine and champagne should be a regular enjoyment of life rather than relegated only to special occasions.

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