Óleaves Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The Óleaves line of regional extra virgin olive oils are each specially-selected as the finest representative olive oil from the principle production regions of Spain, Italy, Greece and California. Each oil has its own distinct flavor characteristics and is beloved by the locals who have been enjoying it in their local cuisine for centuries. Sicily Óleaves This fragrant extra virgin olive oil is pressed from renowned Nocellara de Belice olives grown in southern Sicily's Agrigento province, where vineyards and olive groves reside over the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This oil’s flavor notes of ripe tomato, basil, and sweet almond add a delicious depth to many dishes including salads, pastas, fish, soups, soft cheeses and more. Crete Óleaves This freshly-pressed extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively from Koroneiki olives grown on small family-owned farms in the lush hillsides of Crete, the southern Greek island widely considered to be the birthplace of olive oil itself. A favorite among consumers, this extra virgin olive oil is well-balanced in flavor with notes of freshly cut grass, artichoke, green almond and a slight peppery finish. Andalusia Óleaves This vibrant extra virgin olive oil is pressed from Hojiblanco and Arbequina olives grown in the province of Seville in the picturesque Andalusia region of southern Spain, where olive groves span the landscape as far as the eye can see. The resulting oil is incredibly well-balanced with both green and ripe fruity notes including flavors of dried fruit, banana, artichoke and sweet almond. California Óleaves This wonderfully fruity extra virgin olive oil is pressed from Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki olives grown in northern California's Central Valley, a land famous for producing fine regional wines and equally superior olive oil. This oil is intensely aromatic with notes of apple, banana, green grass and artichoke and is perfect for using in salad dressings, drizzling over pastas, steamed veggies, cheeses and more.