French Guerande Grey Sea Salt (coarse) 29oz

SKU 60113
Height 8.00 (in)
Width 3.25 (in)
Depth 2.50 (in)

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For hundreds of years, the inhabitants of the coastal town Guérande, have harvested salt by hand, using traditional Celtic methods. Today a cooperative of salt farmers continues to produce quality sea salt, which many argue is the ‘champagne’ of sea salts. A completely natural salt French Guerande Grey Sea Salt, is light grey in color, rich in minerals, enhances flavors spectacularly, and is a favorite in kitchens throughout the world. The grey color comes from the rain lightly disturbing the clay at the bottom of the salt ponds. Pure and unprocessed, the salt is dried slowly and then ground into a fine powder or left coarse. This is a proud table salt and a favorite with Celts for thousands of years. Guérande enhances all recipes, and it is particularly good with seafood, steaks, or anything else you can find in a French kitchen, (although we haven’t yet tried it with frogs legs or snails).