Extra Virgin Olive Oil Metal Tins 3 Liter

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Atlas Olive Oils – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a complex aromas of mature bananas, red apples and red tomatoes. It combines the balanced fruitiness of the Moroccan Picholine variety with a hint of artichoke from the Dahbia autochthonous Moroccan variety, softened by the Arbequina, for an aromatic complexity typical of oils from our region. The taste is more culinary herbs on the palate with sorrel, cucumber, red apple fruit and nuts. The very light bitterness but progressive pepper grows and then fades allowing the nuts and sweet fruits to return. The interesting after-taste takes in fudge and sweet bananas with just a touch of truffles. Its style is sweet and delicate, well balanced oil with a hurts of charming pepper. This is a very good oil which stands comparison with similar styles of oil from anywhere else in the world. This is an oil for a good many culinary applications for salads, meat and fish. It may also interestingly be used for desserts such as cakes and puddings. Ideal for dipping.