Dried Fruits and Nuts

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Rather you like your nuts sweet or salty. House of caviar and fine foods have something that is certain to satisfy you. Try our delicious dried nuts and fruits in your own combinations. 

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Pine Nuts Kernels - 1 lb bag 1

Although sometimes called pine nuts, the term kernel is more accurate for these small tear-shaped seeds of the Mediterranean stone pine, widely used in Italy, Greece and the Middle East. Pine kernels are a great for stuffings, salads, vegetable side...
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Walnuts Halves and Pieces - 1 lb

These walnut halves and pieces have a light color and flavor and are perfect for baking, topping and snacking. Walnuts are especially delicious when added to cookies and brownies or try sprinkling them over ice cream and cereal.
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Almonds Sliced Blanched Raw- 1 lb

This is a real specialty product, used often as an ingredient that provides distinctive almond flavor. For example, a coffee company may use Sliced Blanched Almonds to add nutty flavor in grinding coffees. The white color contrasts with the coffee dark...
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Almonds Whole Blanched 1 lb

For cooking and baking, sometimes you need an almond without the skin. This blanching is a multiple-step process. First, the almond is scalded in boiling water, much like blanching a peach, and then immediately dipped in cold water to make the soft skin...
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Dried Mango Slices - 1 lb

Our slices of brilliant golden orange mango are exotically sweet and tart. We discovered these extraordinary dried mango slices on our travels in Asia. Dried mangoes are rich in Vitamin A; just one serving provides you with 20% of your body's Vitamin A...
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