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We carefully inspect our smoked fish and guarantee them fresh! We directly import many of our fish from the fisherman themselves and provide the most tender, delicate and delicious fish there is to offer.

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Macknight Smoked Salmon

$24.00 - $49.00
Only the finest fresh salmon are selected to produce our Macknight Smoked Salmon. Time-honoured smoking methods, perfected through generations provide a consistently subtle texture and delicate flavor. Each side is dry-cured with natural salt and gently...
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Scottish Reserve Gravadlax

$12.00 - $56.00
Scottish Reserve Gravadlax with Mustard and Dill Sauce. Scotch Reserve Smoked Salmon is a unique blend of aromatic dill, gently crushed spices and lemon juice, hand rubbed into the salmon flesh creating a subtle and smooth flavor. Variety of sizes.
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Scottish Reserve Smoked Salmon Fillets

$8.80 - $39.80
Sliced silkiness on the tongue is the first thing you feel, then a rich buttery, salmon taste with just a lacing of sweet smoke. Our Scottish Reserve Smoked Salmon is flown in from the best producer in Scotland, this buttery salmon is scotch cured and...
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